Saturday, October 24, 2009

When someone winks at you what does that mean?

lol, i think that would scare me too,

it depends on if you know this person or not,

its normally an expression to say you look nice,

so wink wink , lol

When someone winks at you what does that mean?
Maybe the old man is just try to adjust his vision, old people can't see very near- they are far sighted. But if they do it at a distance and you can still see the wink - then you better stop giving wrong signals - cos you're starting at them also!!
Reply:I think it's an inclusion thing - you wink to let someone in on the joke you're about to play out, you wink to reassure someone, you wink if you like someone.

As for the old guys...does this often happen..?
Reply:I think it can mean one of two things- either the person is flirting or that they really like you, but not necessarily in a romantic way.
Reply:It means they're creepy.

Unless they're old. Then they're just being cute.
Reply:Depends on the wink. Sometimes it's a your cute thing, then there's the I want you thing~!
Reply:it can be a flirt,or just saying he thinks your cute and sexy looking,a friendly jester,letting you know he noticed you..
Reply:It could mean a million thing with one beig that he thinks your cute. Why not ask him if you really want to know.
Reply:They are teasing you or they have a twitch in their eye. :)
Reply:"hey, how's it goin'?"
Reply:That maybe they have something in their eye.
Reply:1. Somethings in their eye

2. they like you


I ♥ Shiksas
Reply:when old guys do it, grab a shotgun
Reply:they're diggin you!
Reply:either they are hitting on me, or they think know something

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