Monday, October 12, 2009

What does it mean if a guy you don't know winks at you?

It depends on the wink. Was it a "Hi, how ya going?" kind of wink, or a "Mmmm, hi there, how are you?" kind of wink?

I sometimes wink, but it's mostly a "Hi, how ya going?" kind of wink (face half crunched-up and a big grin to match)... like this ;D

If it's someone who catches my eye, it's a slower, more deliberate wink with a small, cheeky smile... like this ;}

What does it mean if a guy you don't know winks at you?
He like what he is seeing. He is waiting for your reaction. . . so that he could decide if its safe to proceed. . . to make your acquaintance or whatever. His sharing a joke with you. . . maybe both of you witness something funny.
Reply:it means that you are cute and he wouldnt mind dating you or he wants to get in yo pants
Reply:he has a nervous tick... run while you can and give me a call later
Reply:Probably he likes you but let him go and wink me first:))
Reply:Tell him to go for an eye checkup.
Reply:hes flirting, he thinks your attractive... flirt back!
Reply:he has a crazy eye.
Reply:Probably that he finds you attractive.
Reply:he's intrested.
Reply:means he wants to say hi to you. or he wants to screw ur brains out.
Reply:It's flirting...
Reply:1 - he thinks your cute and wants you to know

2 - he is being friendly and that's how he harmlessly flirts

3 - he's got an eye twitch and didn't wink

4 - he was winking at the person next to you
Reply:He either has eye trouble or he is flirting!

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