Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If a guy winks at a girl,does it mean something?

It can mean a lot of things depending on the age of the guy. If he is young, it might mean that he thinks you are cute. Other times it is a sign that he wants your attention. Be careful. There are alot of charmers out there. Some just like to flirt.

If a guy winks at a girl,does it mean something?
Its more of a flirty thing like Oi Oi!!

Winking means A - liking you,

its like looking twice.

Reply:he likes you
Reply:if a guy winks at a girl that is somthing nice. you wont get that every day ....there is no harm in it.
Reply:he wants in their pants.
Reply:It depends on the guy and the wink it could mean he likes you i could mean friend or it could mean nothing. Start talking to him (if you no him) if you notice any flirting going on maybe he likes you
Reply:I would think that it depends on the circumstances of the wink. Although, it could easily mean that he likes her.
Reply:most of the time he likes her


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