Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When a man winks at you and smiles, Is he flirting?

Some guy i Know is alway doing this in addition to always touching me..

When a man winks at you and smiles, Is he flirting?
Either he is flirting, or he just thinks he's a lady's man and does this with all women.
Reply:Yeah he's fliritng with you! =) If he's hot go for it :D
Reply:If this isn't flirting, then I don't know what is.
Reply:could be or may be he's doing so just as a friend... check out if he's doing same with other girls
Reply:It's definitely flirting. But based on your description, I can't tell if it's the casual flirting you'd do with anyone, or if there's an attraction.
Reply:do u like him as well??? if u do, make ur move girl, what are u waiting for??? that he starts hitting on other girls?? .... hurry up!!!!... if u dont like him, tell him to cut it off, that that is sexual harrassment... good luck, and don't let him do something u dont feel comfortable with, if u like it... u go ahaea and make ur move!!
Reply:i guess you can say that. or he just wants to play with your head. maybe he likes you. who knows, just ask him. and see if he does that with other girls.
Reply:most of the cases it may be flirting , but it may be from a good person with good humanities
Reply:Yeah! If he's touching you too, then deff YES! If you're not "like that" w/ him, he doesn't need to be touching you!!
Reply:How odd that you had to ask.

But yea, that is called flirting and thank you for the points *smile*

Have a great day!
Reply:Sounds like a sleaze bag to me.
Reply:Probably-but he may just be friendly.Does he do that to everyone or just you?
Reply:.hello Erika

it sames that he has same feeling or crash on you .

if you like him 2 ......

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