Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I adore my boss and she winks at me?

I work in an intellectual workplace. I interact with my boss professionally whether or not people are around. We used to be remotely connected (different teams) until recently when she became my boss. I always suspected that she likes me as much as I like her, because once in a while, she acts playful, clearly more than she does with other coworkers. I am very shy though.

Today, she clearly winked at me when no one else could have noticed. It took my breath away but I haven't done a thing. As a matter of fact, I don't know whether her wink and previous playful acts mean anything more than being nice. I grew up in a different country and I still struggle to understand the cultural nuances. Please help me interpret the wink. I am sure women can interpret these things better than me.

I adore my boss and she winks at me?
It sounds like she is being very friendly, but I would be careful not to read to deep into it. She is your boss and you don't want things to get super akward if you are wrong in your assessments. I would test her by flirting in a way that makes her come on to you.
Reply:Thats nothing... dont race ur micd on somethng like this.. If she wants, she will tell ya
Reply:I think you should grab her boob. If she doesn't like it, she will fire you. Then you will know for sure.
Reply:She digs you! If you like her too then you should do something! She's done half so it's up to you to act now.

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