Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What does a woman giving you the wink mean to you? ?

Is winking at your audience professional behavior for a politician?

Some people had a problem with Hillary Clinton "kickin' back a few brewskies" and said that as a politician running for office- it was "low-brow".

Sara Palin was winking a few times - as a professional woman who is trying to be taken seriously I think the wink was a sink. And she did it more than once!

What does a woman giving you the wink mean to you? ?
She was trying to be cute and "folksy". She pulled that much off. She was that. She is likable, cute, and folksy.

I for one need much more than cute and folksy as President however. I have had a President for the last 8 years that was quite the cowboy. That alone was certainly not enough. That cowboy has put our nation in significant danger on a host of issues, and we will be paying for that for quite some time.

People have to examine this woman for themselves and decide for themselves whether she is qualified for this office, while cute may help get some points, hopefully it will not be the end criteria for most.
Reply:It means that Palin is using sexuality to try to get the VP job. Women have worked for decades to be taken serious in the work place and not be thought of as sexual objects. Palin's winking is reverting back to the days when the more sexual woman got the job and held it for no other reason. If you're in a social situation or in a bar trying to pick someone up, winking/flirtng is fine but for a representative of the U.S.A at state functions, it's not appropriate behavior.
Reply:I think winking on television while supporting a candidate in which may become a leader for America of course is unprofessional I too was watching a little bit of the debate and her voice and that " winking issue" was annoying me as well. It might be a habit who knows?
Reply:Honestly, it's just a wink. It's not unproffessional and it's not professional.

She knows that American men consider her hot sh*t and she uses that to her advantage. Tsk Tsk Sara.
Reply:No, it's behavior of a beauty contestant, but not a candidate for vice president of the united states. It looked cheap, and fakey. But, maybe Joe Simpleton will fall for it?
Reply:i liked it, it made her her...and i didnt have a problem with hillary drinking either...some of these things that the media shows should have nothing to do with the voting process..

A LOT of people people ...and a lot of people drink..
Reply:Is this the best you can come up with? Are you an expert on analyzing body language? I would have to guess that you aren't.
Reply:Winking is very professional. Remember, winking is very professional. Try to relax now.
Reply:I think it's very sad when it's come down to this. A man can get away with many informalities and be called real,in touch. Yet a woman gets relentless nit picking and from other women too as well.
Reply:Not professional at all. It may appeal to people who don't value professionalism though. Not the rest of us. It was tacky in my opinion.

they're Desperate.

it is as low as you can go,

in the gutter ...

might work, tho'

Reply:Depends on the woman and the situation where in.
Reply:If a wink or two gets on your nerves, then surely Obama's condescending demeanor must throw you into real fits!
Reply:It means nothing unless one is hypercritical.
Reply:it means...."Im selling you something". Usually lies are being sold, after a wink.
Reply:She is genuinely intersted in whatever she does.
Reply:Winking in general is pretty cheesy. Doesn't matter who does it.
Reply:Based on her answers, it must mean, "I don't have a clue as to the answer to this question but they are letting me get away with saying anything I want".
Reply:She thinks she is being cute,but it shows her ignorance.

I'm with Hillary a few brewskies never hurt in moderation.
Reply:she does that only because the dorks in alaska fell for it.
Reply:I don't think she could shake her "beauty queen cutie pie" mentality
Reply:SHE'S A JOKE !!!!
Reply:It means don't be fooled by my lies. I'm clearly warning you with a wink to let you know what I just said was crap.

shh not true




I want you

Reply:Man dhat bih just qOtt sOme'n in her eye. loL
Reply:McCain does it all the time, and it's not inappropriate. Palin does it, and it's a sexual advance!

Reply:she has an eye problem
Reply:she had something in her eye
Reply:no one cares abut this crap...and im serious..

i dont care what your politics are..

this is junior high garbage


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